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AditNW has taken a major stake in a lifestyle startup.  Although we consult, we are fundamentally not consultants.  Our core passion is building successful new businesses.

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Business and Professional Development

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Take business the next step.  AditNW provides a wide range of business and product development support.

Specializing in B2B, equipment manufacturing, OEM products, industrial equipment, we bring you expertise to find new opportunities, develop those into customer-centered products and services, and integrate them into your existing business.

  • Business development
  • M&A support
  • Sprint, process improvement, and continuous improvement
  • New Product research and development
  • Engineering process development
  • professional development for technical professionals
  • team classes
  • culture and team development
  • leader development
  • individual mentoring and coaching

AditNW is a team with a purpose. We use our business to support our work for good and offer services to others who do the same. If you are a non-profit, charity, church or just an individual seeking to make the world a better place, click here to see how AditNW can help.

We are Adit4Good!  Learn more about Adit 4 Good

Special offer: are you a business that aims towards a broader horizon than just a quarterly profit? If so, we are of the same mindset. Contact AditNW and let’s discuss how we can work with you in providing the world something more than just shareholder value.