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The pragmatic intersection of people, products, and technology.

Experts in B2B product management, customer understanding, product development, and engineering.  Our specialization is equipment.  

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“Brad gets marketing, especially in the challenging, unique arena of B2B”, Tim Ford, CEO

We align products to markets


"After evaluating our vision and core values, Brad Allen recommended strategies and management practices that have enabled us to grow steadily and at an increasing rate. In 2019, our effective output more than doubled over the previous year..." ,  Leck Heflin, Executive Director

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As your data partner we get to know your real customers and dealers, not theoretical markets from some business journal or book.


Finding data and processing it in the light of your markets is never as easy as journals, books, and video talks portray.  But you need exactly that:  customer, product, and economic data presented in the context of your market.

We are experts at finding the data you need from various sources, combining it in relationship to the harsh realities of your products and customers, then presenting it in a way you can use.  We are proud to partner with BetaForecasting to bring you the very latest in data mining, processing, statistical analysis, and forecasting tools.

You need a data analytics partner who understands your product, customers, dealers, and market dynamics.  We are uniquely qualified to do exactly that.


"When people spend more time considering an issue but don't have the relevant facts at hand to make an informed decision, there are more opportunities for their feelings to fill in the blanks" - NYT, Feb 2020

Pragmatic, Proven Technology

In today's hyper competitive world no idea or project sits in isolation.  You can not afford to consider strategy and planning separately from the technologies that bring success.  

We understand that your business needs technology.  Solve your business challenges with appropriate technology:

  • validate analysis with field data and data acquisition
  • gather customer input and translate to action
  • turn random data into action
  • apply proven electronic technology to your designs

Your customers need technology that brings proven value, not trendy bells and whistles.  



"Brad is not your typical consultant.  He dives in and seriously gets the job done.  You always get value"      


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Go with AditNW

We are your best partner when:

  • your product is a thing not an idea
  • your customers buy your product to make money
  • the people who pay you (dealers, rental, leasing, etc.) don't physically use your product
  • you know something needs to change but your plan looks more like a blank sheet of paper
  • your team can do it, they just need some help

When your next steps require customers, dealers, technology, and business to come together we will help you make your future.


AditNW LLC, Redmond, WA