Business and Professional Development

Your market is changing….is your business?

Brad Allen has assembled the expertise to initiate, plan, and execute the market-driven, technically challenging progress your business needs to not just survive but to profitably grow in changing time.  AditNW (Adit Northwest) will walk your team through the intricacies market-driven changes to product portfolios, product technology, B2B distribution, and technical team dynamics.  

Let's win more customers to your brand.

We align products to markets

  • product line planning, portfolio management, product management
  • NPD plans and processes that are simple, practical, and easy to implement
  • Deep understanding of dealer networks, end users, and multi-tiered B2B markets that translate to products your customers love and bring your competitors’ customers to your door
  • cost reduction programs, materials and process, that deliver more value to your customers and more margin to you (AditNW cost reduction case example)
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We speak commercial…and technical, let’s talk

  • align engineering teams with markets and produce highly desired designs
  • B2B customers are pragmatic.  Let’s translate your customer's ROIC into your ROIC.

Your customers are changing….are your products?

You need to leverage technology but not trendy bells and whistles.  You’ve asked for a cost reduction program but all you get from your engineers is push back.  Your customers are treating you like a commodity but you know your brand represents more.

AditNW brings business development, product development, and engineering team support to you.

When your next steps require customers, dealers, technology, and business to come together we will help you make your future.


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Brad Allen
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