AditNW is your best partner when:

  • your product is more of an item than an idea
  • your customers buy your product to make money
  • the people who pay you (dealers, rental, leasing, etc.) don't physically use your product
  • you know something needs to change but your plan looks more like a blank sheet of paper
  • your team can do it, they just need some help


Case Example:  Cost Reduction

When a major manufacturer of pro-grade trailers struggled to get a much needed cost reduction program going they brought in Brad Allen.  In March their plan has zero cost reduction projects.  In just three months with AditNW's help they implemented $1.4M in cost reductions with another $1.2M in the pipeline for the balance of the year.  

Hotshot in Idaho

Result:  When challenged by the comptroller on the cost, the project leader simply showed him the $2.6M positive bottom-line result.  AditNW’s ROIC was many times the client's cost.  No more questions asked.

rROIC icon

Case Example:  Customer ROIC

When a small, Bay area software developer wanted to create an all new app for the equipment rental market they came to AditNW.   Brad Allen spent an intense full day evaluating how their software product could or could not improve the rental company’s ROIC.  They very quickly realized how their current development course would result in zero return and changed course.  

Result:  Saved tens of thousands in wasted development cost.