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At AditNW we are involved in a number of volunteer activities aimed at making the world a better place.  We welcome you to check out what we do in our spare time.

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Big Trees of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley

At AditNW we have long been committed to old growth forests.  This work has included work in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley.  Our page tells about how the old trees, the work we have done around them, and how to visit.

Middle Fork Giants page.  


Pontis Nicaragua - Developing Small Farms in Latin America

We have worked in Nicaragua for over ten years and with Pontis Nicaragua since 2012.  We feel a strong responsibility to pay forward some of the good that has come our way.

Learn more about Pontis Nicaragua.  

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Church Giving

Most churches seem to struggle to bring in support that covers their budget, let alone new programs. Explore some insightful alternatives to motivating a congregation.

Jesus in 25

Jesus in 25 is a set of 25 podcasts that give an overview of Jesus's teachings during his ministry.  It is intended for use as a text campaign especially for youth.