Data Dump

Live Data Tool Saves Hundreds of Hours

Admittedly this is an odd application for us but when we overheard a customer talking about the hour per day it took them to get the sports historical data they needed and that they could really make their program work if they had 5 years of data but that would take close to 1,000 hours of work, we told them AditNW could help. First we developed a python application that goes to the 10-30 websites they need to look at each day and scrapes just the applicable data.  Second, we added a function to condense that data into a format … Read more

weather station circuit board

AditNW delivers Practical Technology

We know that technology is easier to imagine than deploy.  That is why our signature is practical, proven technology you can use in the field.  For example, we knew it would be tough for Pontis-Nicaragua to work with a high tech weather station so we developed practical technology that does not require a pc onsite and gives them the ability to quickly get answers when things go sideways. When the field test unit had a problem they asked how to get it back for review.  Not an easy task as equipment like this must be hand carried to and from … Read more

Raspberry Pi server

Practical Technology: Walk the Talk

It always seems there are plenty of people who want lots of money to help me implement the latest technology.  That isn’t how I do business so it’s not the way I want to operate.  Two things come to mind:  You or I need the capability but probably don’t need a high-priced, super slick solution.  In other words, we aren’t Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple. We want to test the tech first.  Will it really work for us? At AditNW we wanted to test a new server-based solution to providing Python applications.  We got the whole thing up and running … Read more

AditNW approach to Common Comparison

Common Comparison

Product line portfolio management is never easy.  Does any of this sound familiar:  An extensive product line complicated by products from multiple eras and brands?  Sales people trying to explain value on a one-off basis using anecdotes and stories? Features, options, and packages that can never be compared to each other or the competition? Product lines that clearly have too many models and options but no one can ever seem to determine priorities? Positive there is a way to solve this with data? What is missing is an ability to perform a Common Comparison.  Instead of trying to track down … Read more

Victor with weather station

Weather Station Arrives in Nicaragua

The Pontis Weather Station arrived in Nicaragua this week and we were excited to see Victor Torrez, one of the farm training technicians, assembling it.  They will spend the next couple of months testing and learning to use the hardware before deploying on the model farm in Veracruz near Managua.

Develop Value in Products

I was involved over a period of several months with a major consulting firm to develop Value Equivalence Line charts for all of our products.  The company I was at spent well over six figures for these consultants to research what we already knew about our products and markets then present that data in an easy-to-understand format, the VEL. Value Equivalence Line charts show price on the X-axis of the chart with some form of value on the Y-axis.  There are a number of key lessons you can quickly learn about your products and markets from the VEL: a straight … Read more