Common Comparison

Product line portfolio management is never easy.  Does any of this sound familiar:

  •  An extensive product line complicated by products from multiple eras and brands?
  •  Sales people trying to explain value on a one-off basis using anecdotes and stories?
  • Features, options, and packages that can never be compared to each other or the competition?
  • Product lines that clearly have too many models and options but no one can ever seem to determine priorities?
  • Positive there is a way to solve this with data?

What is missing is an ability to perform a Common Comparison.  Instead of trying to track down a story of why one model line has individual features while another offers a limited set as individual purchasable options and the competitor offers priced packages in seemingly random bundles, you need a system that allows you to compare models/features/options with the price and value of each.  AditNW's Common Comparison approach does just this.

We start with developing a coding system that categorizes your products by how customers express their needs.  Next, we transform your confusing set of features and options into a single system that will work for all products including your competitors.  All of this is managed in a database accessed through Python.  There are multiple ways to then use it including:  desktop interface, web access at our server, enterprise access on your server, or as a Python script for your tech experts.

What makes AditNW distinct is how we approach the problem.  We focus on understanding your products, your processes, your customers, your markets, and the value you provide.  Unlike typical experts in this area, the technology supports your work and is solidly based on the real-world customer and market situations you face.

Common Comparison is a proven, data-driven approach to 21st century product portfolio management.