Jesus in 25

Jesus in 25 is a resource to better understand what Jesus taught.  We think you might especially like our search tool and summary of Jesus's teachings.  Jesus's teachings are remarkable and eternal, they frequently get lost in the religious clutter and phony political mumbo-jumbo of the church.  Break free!  Learn from Jesus.

What did Jesus say about? Our new search tool is great for seeing what Jesus said about various topics.  Using word searches and natural language processing tools (machine learning for evaluating text) we give you access to this unique search tool that checks all of Jesus's quotes, sayings, proverbs, and sermons in the four Gospel accounts (plus a bit from the first part of Acts):

The Teachings of Jesus is a four-page essay with an overview of what Jesus taught.  Jesus's ministry was challenging and very complete.

Read Jesus's story like....a story - This Kindle book is a 130-ish page compilation of the four Gospels.  With no duplicate passages and the narrative smoothed to a story, it's another way to better understand Jesus.

Neither Jesus or the Bible are contrary to  Science

...and yes, we mean real world, look-out-your-window, earth is over 4 billion years old SCIENCE!

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Jesus does not address the age of the earth in his ministry.  This is an important clue to how he viewed its importance.  That said, this topic drives an important question for many Americans, how can I bring together science, the Bible, and my faith.

In this 29 minute podcast, Brad Allen summarizes a program developed for youth who were told they had to give up science to follow Jesus:  Yes, you can believe in the Bible and real science.

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