Live Data Tool Saves Hundreds of Hours

Admittedly this is an odd application for us but when we overheard a customer talking about the hour per day it took them to get the sports historical data they needed and that they could really make their program work if they had 5 years of data but that would take close to 1,000 hours of work, we told them AditNW could help.

First we developed a python application that goes to the 10-30 websites they need to look at each day and scrapes just the applicable data.  Second, we added a function to condense that data into a format to exactly import into their analytical tools.  Finally, we wrote one more python script to apply this over a period of time and got all of their data.

They now have 1,000 hours to attack real business issues and an hour each day they are not collecting data.  Sports data may not be our core market but understanding a situation and developing a data tool to solve the problem is exactly what we love to do.