Practical Technology: Walk the Talk

It always seems there are plenty of people who want lots of money to help me implement the latest technology.  That isn't how I do business so it's not the way I want to operate.  Two things come to mind:

  1.  You or I need the capability but probably don't need a high-priced, super slick solution.  In other words, we aren't Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple.
  2. We want to test the tech first.  Will it really work for us?

At AditNW we wanted to test a new server-based solution to providing Python applications.  We got the whole thing up and running in a few days using a Raspberry Pi 4 ($55) and Python Flask.  Our first customer Beta tested it a couple days later.

Yes, we will need to move this to a real server but we know how it works, have used software that is fully deployable, and are testing a number of user, security, and presentation features with zero risk and very low cost.

Proven technology.