Stopping Product Line Confusion

When a private equity group integrated several trailer companies their new leadership was faced with multiple product lines and extensive confusion.  Specifications, features, options, and pricing were presented in wildly different ways that made comparison time consuming and expensive.  They reached out to AditNW for help.

A database was the obvious solution but would require hundreds of hours in time to enter the data and get it right.  This is always the most expensive step in implementing any data solution and demands too much time of your best people.  AditNW, though, could offer a more intelligent solution.

By deeply understanding their product line, customers, and channel approaches, AditNW quickly developed an inexpensive desktop-based database.  This demo allowed the executive leadership team to quickly see the value and they asked for an enterprise solution.

AditNW engaged our key partner, BetaForecasting, to port the already developed database and interface into an enterprise application.  The application worked seamlessly providing instant access to all products, multiple brands and formats, in a format that allowed apples to apples comparisons.

AditNW solves problems based on a foundational understanding of your customers, products, and team.  We are not your normal consultants, we are your business, product, and go-to market partners.

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